Waste Management Policy

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Bill Moore lifting tackle ltd are committed to the protection of the environment through the implementation of an effective waste management programme that meets or exceeds all legislative and regulatory requirements placed on it.


Policy Principles


Bill Moore LiftingTackles waste management policy is based on the principle that the preferred priority of action is to:


REDUCE, through purchasing policy; reduce the waste that will be created for disposal, for example by agreeing with suppliers to take back surplus or unnecessary packaging.


RE-USE, before discarding an item check that someone else cannot make use of it; examples include furniture, computers and peripherals, books.


RECYCLE, Bill Moore lifting Tackle  have the facility to recycle a great deal of its waste. Checks are made to ensure that what is being thrown away does not include elements which can be reclaimed for future use. To further support this activity, where practical, buy products made from, or including, recycled material.


RISK MINIMISATION, minimise risks of immediate and future pollution or harm to human health by dis-carding waste in appropriate receptacles and preventing it from escaping.


What Is Waste?

General Waste.

General waste is to be placed in bins provided for this purpose, these are emptied once a week or more often if the need arises by stores personnel / office personnel. General waste is transferred to the appointed skip for collection by an approved contractor.

Confidential Waste

Particular care must be taken in the disposal of all confidential waste. If the confidential material is in the form of paper this should be shredded. All shredded paper is transferred to the stores and used in packaging. Large amounts of confidential waste are to be collected by an approved service supplier and certificates of disposal obtained.

Paper / Cardboard Waste

All non confidential paper waste should be placed in the Paper Recycling Bin situated in the Reception Area which is emptied on a regular basis. Cardboard waste should be transferred to the stores personnel who will asses it suitability for recycling or flatten it for collection on a regular basis by an approved contractor.

Hazardous Waste

All hazardous waste must be disposed of in accordance with relevant statutory provisions. Andcollected by an approved contractor.








Pippa Hartley Director has overall responsibility for the Waste Management Policy and will ensure that the policy is properly implemented, monitored and periodically reviewed in accordance with relevant statutory provisions.



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